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Peace officer's wife, mother of 2, middle school teacher on leave; Chiari Malformation, vascular & arthrochalasis Ehlers-Danlos, Syringobulbia, unsucessfully treated Tethered Cord. Primary damage due to EDS & 9 months of meningitis that has caused my brain to be taken over by progressive... Full Bio
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Responsibility in end-life times, domestic violence, forgiveness

Funny how that happens, isn't it, that the world continues on, even if you don't really want to be part of it. I think there is a time during...

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Hello everyone! Long time no write, I know. I've been considering a return but wasn't sure about it. Then today I received a message saying they...

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I'm not sure why I bothered to re-post the "Church's and society's bastards" blog post like I did. All of one person from before made contact with...

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I get out of the house on Thursday, wahoo! I need to schedule the city's SunVan (disability services) to take me to my neuro appt. That's lousy....

Ehlers-Danlos Intervention

We're watching the last few minutes of Intervention, and we are all floored by this woman blaming Ehlers-Danlos for her problems. When it came...

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Feb 14 2012 by ellijaygal
I am so surprised to run across your blog. Our lives are paralell, but I am older. I am 47. I was married to a peace officer for 21 years. I have EDS, Chiari, and have had two tethered cord surgeries. I was a paralegal not a teacher! haha There aren't a lot of us who have had the tethered cord surgeries that are adults.
Feb 05 2010 by AZGIRL02
No one will listen to me! I am so frustrated.  I have been told that I don't have Chiari, however I have "low lying" cerebellar tonsils, 3-4 mm. I have been symptomatic for weeks, ringing in ears, dizzy, pain/pressure at the base of head etc......Does anyone know a doctor who will listen to me. I don't want to keep going thru all these unnessary tests.
Dec 07 2009 by stipeygirl75
Hi, I read all your blog posts and I am very sorry to hear what you are going through. I also have food sensitivities and have to be really careful what I eat (I have EDS, Chiari, and who knows what else :) ) I read recently that EDSers have higher rates of food allergies. Anyway - I just wanted to say "hi"!

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