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We are a group of holistic-minded Nutritionists and other health professionals who write for Zing bars blog. Zing bars was founded by four Nutritionists, after finding out that a lot of nutrition bars out there aren't that nutritious. And the few that come close don't taste that great, and that's... Full Bio
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What’s New This Fall at Zing: New Chocolate, New Look, New Recipes

Not to steal Mother Nature’s thunder, but the leaves aren’t the only things changing this fall. Zing Bars is sporting a fresh new look...

6 Smart Snacks for Back-to-School Success

How do you define the word “snack”? Most people associate snacks with chips, cookies and generally indulgent food choices that lead to...

3 Tips To Avoid Mindless Eating

Hummus and Vegetables “Mindless eating” is a term coined by food psychologist Brian Wansink to describe the many subconscious...

4 Fitness Myths To Bust Right Now

Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis   Whether you’ve said them or heard them, don’t ever be fooled again by these common...

Your New Fitness Strategy: 5 Tips For Success In 2015

If you’re starting an exercise program on New Year’s Day, you’re in good company. In this season of hope and renewal, getting fit is a...

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