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My name is Katherina and I'm the 23 year old blogger behind Zephyr Runs. What initially started as a food/exercise blog has turned into an all out healthy living, healthy habits blog! I talk about all sorts of improvements I'm making or want to make to my health, ones you may not even realize are... Full Bio
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SEA Thai

I think I can honestly call this my favorite restaurant, even though I tend to get the same thing every time I go. I’ve had enough tastes off of...

Whole Foods in Support of Monsanto

All articles like this:  The Organic Elite Surrenders To Monsanto: What Now?  do is make me scared and apprehensive about all the food I buy and...

Should I Buy a New Computer?

My laptop is dead. It’s been dead for a few months now. I finally took it to a repair shop this weekend (shows you how much I’ve been missing...

Coconut Manna

Originally I was going to post a recipe for some amazing mushrooms I had… but an hour or so after eating them I wasn’t feeling too hot...


Thanks for the birthday flowers, Papi! 11/11/11 was my birthday, and though my celebration of it wasn’t quite as epic as the date, I did...

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