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Phenomenal Healthstyle is a way of life expressed through a 'blogazine'. It's all about how you find the balance that is right for the lifestyle you want. It's about choosing your own path and deciding what values are important to you to create your picture of a Phenomenal Healthstyle (pH). The... Full Bio
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Honest Mum tries the 5:2 Diet

So like the millions of others, I too have succumbed to sampling this ‘new’ (I say new, but it’s based on ancient principles of...

pH Interview Series – Reaching Your Personal Goals: Jackee Holder

I find that coaching has become very pigeon holed. It is pricing many people out and I am an advocate of making coaching accessible...

pH Interview Series: Quincy the Comedian & the Juicing Challenge

What do you get when you cross 2 Golden Delicious Apples, 1/2 a Cucumber, 2 Celery Stems, a Thumb of Ginger, a teaspoon of Spirulina,...

Free Healthy Choices Workshop for parents/carers with young children in London

Are you a parent or carer with a child under 5 years old? Would you like to learn more about natural approaches to improving your...

Does the way you plan your holiday determine how successful you are?

A friend provided me with some interesting food for thought this morning when I was thinking about how I could be more effective at...

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