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i am a pharmacy student in the second year and would like to get to know people in related fields to dicuss medicines and health and its implications on peoples lives. and to meet and get to know wonderful kind and considerate people. just to be able to have a wide circle of internet contacts especially in USA as there is so much research and development in medicines there and also to get to know female in similar fields. 
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Jan 07 2009 by Fanda

Hi Yusuf,

Thanks for adding me as a friend. I work as a full time secretary, and manage to take care of my health sites within my daily tasks. One of them is about asthma (my mom has asthma and I share the allergy). You can take a look at 1st Asthma Treatment. As you like to discuss about medicine, I'd be appreciate if you can tell me your opinion about the site. I live with my parents in Indonesia.

Nice to meet you here,