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Specialty: Emergency Medicine
South Carolina 29585
Dr. Saleeby is a 1991 graduate with a medical degree (MD) from the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta Georgia. Upon completion of post-graduate training at East Carolina University School of Medicine in Greenville, North Carolina, he relocated to Savannah, Georgia to practice emergency... Full Bio
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Jan 30 2015 by Yusuf Saleeby, MD for those with Hypothyroidism
Jan 30 2015 by Yusuf Saleeby, MD
Launched PHC... check it out at
May 25 2013 by Yusuf Saleeby, MD

Check out soon... it will have many updates and become a portal for wellness and health.

 Updates should go live in a week or so. 

May 30 2012 by Yusuf Saleeby, MD
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Mar 31 2012 by Kodjoworkout
Nice meeting you, Yusuf!
Mar 25 2011 by Yusuf Saleeby, MD

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An adaptogen is a herb product that is thought to increase resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety and fatigue. The term is used mainly by herbalists who also refer to adaptogens as rejuvenating herbs, qi tonics, rasayanas, or restoratives. .....

Saleeby, J.P., Keefer, A., "Wonder Herbs: A guide to three adaptogens", Xlibris, 2006


Jul 28 2010 by Yusuf Saleeby, MD

With Ovanian cancer there are no true reliable early signs, symptoms arise only in later or late stages.  If you CA125, US and CT (contrasted) studies are negative you are in the clear.


JP Saleeby, MD

Jul 27 2010 by RAG728
I am a 67 y/o (tomorrow) woman that had a hysterectomy 36 yrs ago and a oophorectomy 35 yrs ago on the left ovary.  All non cancerous reasons.  Presently I am experiencing many symptoms of right ovarian cancer.  I had a CT scan and an ultrasound, and a blood test tomorrow.  What do you call an early diagnosis?  Like what symptoms would be present?
Sep 08 2009 by Yusuf Saleeby, MD  & my new practice near Myrtle Beach, SC is