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26 Tips for managing stress

Stress Tips You can manage or reduce your day to day stress with the following tips: 1. Always take time for yourself, at least 30...

The boon of Pawpaw

Boon of Pawpaw The Pawpaw plant is native South American where its cultivation has been prominent since the pre-Columbian times. Out of...

Weight loss pills – Green Coffee Extract

By Georgiy Kharchenko from Losing weight by putting something extra into your mouth – this has been...

7 Easy Tips to Stay Happy and Stress Free

Stay Happy and Stress Free Do you feel stressed during the day? Do you want to live happier life and become stress-free? You can start...


Avocado Avocado is a word that has come from the Spanish word ’aguacate’ . Avocado originally comes from Mexico and is a flowering...

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