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Oakville, On Canada, Canada
Hello!!! I'm Izabela; Yogini, fitness and healthy food freak. I'll share with you what challenged, inspired, touched, and nourished me. This blog is about transformation, healing, mindful eating and seeking happiness in the midst of everyday life
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Refreshing Salad with Feta and Parsley

Hello there, Hope everything is well with you. October just have started and I can not get enough the beauty of this Fall. Especially in...

Poland vacation 2014

Hello Friends, I really meant to blog on a regular basis but I didn’t. I won’t lie that I was too busy nevertheless I needed to step back...

The big move and lots of changes

Hello Friends, I feel almost ashamed that I left you for so long but believe me I have a lot of great excuses. My life changed in a past...

Food Diary

Hello Friends, We had a few unexpected events happening here in addition to our packing and a big move. But for now I only got pictures for...

Recent eats and big news

Hi Friends, Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am just relaxing on my couch right now after consuming a huge pizza this afternoon. We have...

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