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What are the Benefits of doing Yoga?

Posted by Reiki Healer

I thought it would be great to hear  what are people's own personal experiences of doing Yoga.

For me doing Yoga, its a way of taking time to value my body and give it something that helps the body feel better. I have noticed that my thinking has become a lot more clearer since I started my Yoga practice and that I feel a lot more calmer. I guess Yoga, clears away blocks to better overall body/mind functioning. 

Sol Danmeri 

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In my experience, the fruits of the practice are dynamic and have grown or "changed" over the years.

Initially I perceived yoga as asana, the postures most people define as yoga. And at that point I was basically exercising, moving, contracting, sweating. With that paradigm, "yoga" could only have been what cycling, or lifting weights, or playing basketball could be. What I left with was the physiological effects of an activity. However, even then, asana had a slightly different residue that I noticed only when paying careful attention.

A decade later I recognize Yoga as a vast body of wisdom with a myriad of tools (of which asana is one) for mindful human evolution or "growth" if you prefer. so for me my practice actually balances who I am as a human being, brings me closer to the Self, and allows me a more mindful way of living - those are the "benefits" for me today.




tks u for comments pl carry on and tell other about yoga tks again
My yoga practice means so much to me. The benefits are greater than I could have ever imagined. I sleep well, my mind is clearer, I’m less quick to anger and my body looks and feels great. I feel a new deliberation and control in my actions. I’ve learned to listen to my body and answer to its needs. I’ve found a new sense of gratitude and peace.

My yoga practice is something that is all my own and my mat is a place that is only mine to go. I leave my family and friends and work at the door and use the time to reconnect with my body and my self. I know that when I’m feeling down or out of sync, I can return to my mat, without judgment, without fear. I do what my body is capable of doing. When I feel ready, I challenge myself. I thank myself after each time I practice, being grateful for my day and that I gave myself to the time to be.

Enjoy all that yoga is for you!

yoga can keep u fit in all the way ur body ur soul etc ur immune system makes ,strong to fight the any kind of illness there are uncountable benefits of yga asanas and deep breathing exercises
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