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Aerial Yoga | NYC Yoga is no longer just yoga! Gimmicks, new names and new instructors are popping up all the time. ...
Apr 18 2013 1:32pm
Hi, Thanks for providing us information relating "Yoga". can you tell the... more
Jan 29 2014 3:31pm
acro-yoga Acrobatics and yoga the combination of the two requires the concentration and flexibility of yoga wi ...
Jan 11 2011 7:35pm
Hello, Love this new infusion of acrobatics and yoga, i practice various forms of... more
Jan 19 2011 4:50am
Did You See The Buddha on PBS? I watched it last night and it was a beautiful story. Leave it to PBS to make it impossible to turn ...
Apr 08 2010 6:50am
It's on the web also....  Enjoy and keep smiling more
Apr 03 2013 3:28pm
AyurYoga at The Healing Gardens YogaShala at The Healing Gardens is the first yoga studio in southern California to offer yoga cla ...
Feb 10 2010 1:35pm
Yoga Retreat in Tulum, Mexico in April 2010 YogaYou in Cabot, AR is hosting a Yoga retreat on a beautiful beach in Tulum, Mexico April 3-10, 2 ...
Jan 22 2010 11:46am
Maya Tulum Is stunning, our yoga studio goes at Thanksgiving every year! more
Apr 07 2010 5:52am
how to improve height hi to all... hey experts can you tell me  how i can i improve my height through yoga my deta ...
Jan 10 2010 5:59am
Decompressing the spine and realigning the body can increase measured height, however... more
May 23 2010 6:19pm
MBBS In Ukraine Hi,   Join the world recognized MBBS program in Ukraine.   You can now earn your MBBS ...
Nov 02 2009 10:21pm
Yoga Retreat in the Costa Rican Rainforest! Join certified instructors Kelly Lubeck and Sandy Ames for a week-long Retreat in the Costa Rican Ra ...
Feb 01 2009 12:48pm
Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica in February 09 YogaYou in Cabot, AR is hosting a Yoga retreat in the rainforest of Costa Rica February 14-19, 200 ...
Dec 25 2008 10:49am
Yoga Therapy, derived from the Yoga tradition of Patanjali and the Ayurvedic system of... more
Sep 08 2010 10:58pm
blossom at any age through yoga I was never really sure what I wanted to accomplish out of my life with the exception of being a w ...
Oct 03 2008 10:47am
Hi JayPee, thanks for the link It was useful do keep posting such links so our... more
Oct 14 2008 6:50am