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We Give Them Wings and Then We Must Let Them Fly....... by Valerie O. It was an unexpected conversation and a particular tragic event that got me thinking this week, and had my mind going to places I really didn't want it to go. ... Read on »
Great chance to get 5 cash coupon for rs3 gold before May 27 on Rsorder by suliao Super cheap buy runescape 2007 gold for sale with up to $5 cash coupon at RSorder only from May 20 - May 27! I have always loved my daughter and the SINGLE reason she is in ... Read on »
Habit 2: Witnessing the Energy of Longing by annaconda Image compliments of Habit 2 in Georgie Fear's  Lean Habits For Lifelong Weight Loss: Mastering 4 Core Eating Behaviors to Sta ... Read on »
One Day Urban Wellness Retreat with me and 5 other heart centered coaches by Lindsey Lewis Patient Expert Connecting Your Body, Mind & Spirit We are binging the wellness retreat to you. Right here in the heart of our beautiful city–Vancouver. Join me and five ot ... Read on »
The Seven Realms and the Gayatri Class by annaconda Image compliments of It's almost impossible to write about this class... so here's a blog-post-arm-chair stroll through it.  It is on ... Read on »
Sinking In by Diane C. Patient Expert The lightning bolt struck this morning and I realized that lately my practice has been missing something vital. My week (as much as it pains me to admit it, probably muc ... Read on »
Pants that button? by annaconda Image compliments of I figure if I'm going to share my struggles... I ought to share my successes too! Today I'm wearing pants th ... Read on »
Yoga As Therapy For Those That Are Depressed by Rachel H. It’s not so much electrical energy, but what is called Chi, the life force that all of us have. Those that practice acupuncture and acupressure are well aware of where these ... Read on »
Yoga As Therapy For Those Under Stress by Rachel H. Are you currently in a position network that involves a lot of stress. You could be in charge of several people, part of a large corporation, where production is absolutely ... Read on »
'Over The Hill' and the Importance of Goal-Setting...... by Valerie O. Now, I know this title might lead you to believe that this post is all about reaching a certain stage of 'mid-life'? Perhaps you may think that this will be all about  a b ... Read on »