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When it seems like nothing is changing by annaconda Image compliments of  Everyday Goddess on Pinterest Currently, I'm manifesting- A 100 lb weight loss - Self-employment as a Yoga Therapist - Happiness (r ... Read on »
#LoveWins | Obama, Same Sex Marriage & Equality by ynottonycom Healthy Living Professional In 1962 an African american Child was born. His name, Anthony Charles Eason. Being that his father was enlisted in the Unites States Marine Corps, He grew up trav ... Read on »
My fat told me it would make me famous by annaconda Image compliments of In the book  A Course in Weight Loss by Marianne Williamson , the second exercise is to write a letter to your fat ... Read on »
Amatrra and Yoga: What You Should Know? by Anan A. Facebook What Is Amatrra? Amatrra signifies the silence that occurs during meditation, in between repeated chants of Om. This silence is the core for connecting your inner peace w ... Read on »
International Yoga Day: The Day After by Diane C. Patient Expert Yesterday was not only the Summer Solstice but International Yoga Day. It was also T.K.V. Desikachar's birthday. I chose to celebrate all of those wonderful occasions by ... Read on »
Taking a Break...... by Valerie O. It wasn't something I thought that I could easily do. In fact I never thought I'd see the day that I would actually do it. But then it happened. The day came and I s ... Read on »
Yoga As Therapy For Physical Pain by Rachel H. There are many reasons that people suffer from chronic pain. It could be from an accident that they had sustained years ago, or something such as fibromyalgia which affects ... Read on »
Doing nothing helps me eat less by annaconda Being frazzled.  Feeling like you're moving in a million different directions.  Jaw wired shut with stress.  100 different things on the to-do list... and an antsy feeling ... Read on »
What Makes the Difference by Diane C. Patient Expert Saturday was just an ordinary day. Yet by the time the day was over, I was feeling full o' joy. No, nothing "special" happened. I simply went out for a chai (yum!), stro ... Read on »
Lean Habits 3: Eating Just Enough and the tipping point by annaconda Image compliments of a nice post at Last week I had an interesting discussion about habit 2-3 with some fellow Lean Habits devotees.  Th ... Read on »