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A True Thanksgiving Challenge by Diane C. Patient Expert Happy Thanksgiving Eve! My inbox is filled to the brim with "Black Friday" sale emails, the Tofurky is defrosting, my heart is bursting with more joy than usual -- yep, ... Read on »
On Ducks. And How They Help me be a Better Speaker by Lindsey Lewis Patient Expert Look out. There’s unvarnished truth in here. No pretending. Just honesty. Cos’ it’s one thing to talk all about what we know, and what we’ve got figured out. It’s ano ... Read on »
There Will Always Be Reasons to Say 'No'..... by Valerie O. I so admire mothers who also work outside the home, for it is not an easy task to juggle everything. And to be all things to all people, at both home and employment. As ... Read on »
The 2015 Holiday Gift Guide by Diane C. Patient Expert I've got some serious leaf clearing to do around the house. I've traded my flip flops for boots. The mistletoe has popped on the tree in my backyard. There's a crispness ... Read on »
Think you have to pick one thing? Try this instead. by Lindsey Lewis Patient Expert Brilliant People Some of the most brilliant people I know have at least five talents. They are great at more than one thing. They love more than one thing. Most i ... Read on »
Stunning Sligo by Valerie O. Little did we know last August, when we were touring The Burren , that it wouldn't be our only viewing along Ireland's extremely scenic Wild Atlantic Way this year. Al ... Read on »
The Lesson You Didn't Expect by Diane C. Patient Expert Often, we turn to teachers for something -- guidance, wisdom, a deeper Triangle Pose, insight, sometimes even a good swift kick in the yoga pants. Sometimes teachers tea ... Read on »
#Netflix #Streamteam: How I Watch Mine...... by Valerie O. I'm relatively new to the Netflix party and have had fun finding my way through their quite extensive catalog of  viewing material for the past two months. I do tend to ... Read on »
A 'Halo' of Autumnal Hues...... by Valerie O. Well as the dreariness of the October Bank Holiday Monday seamlessly flowed into Tuesday, we concurred that 'so what'?, we still had some place to be, an important task ... Read on »
Q+A: How do I Manifest Money? by Lindsey Lewis Patient Expert This month’s question is: How do I manifest money? In this video I’m talk about this idea of manifesting money and the three mistakes people make that prevent th ... Read on »