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On Peaceful Protests and Having Respect..... by Valerie O. It was quite disconcerting answering the door just before lunchtime on a midweek day. I thought I had figured it out you see. The optimum time to play 'Avoid The Cold Call ... Read on »
tell your story. set yourself free. “I knew that my soul knew how to keep going, even in the... by Lindsey Lewis Patient Expert Running fingers through long grass as it waves gently in the wind, feeling the breeze rustle in long hair, the scent of dew as it covers the earth, and cool, clean ai ... Read on »
A Brief Review about Pregnancy Yoga Training by Tommy Thomas Facebook The period of pregnancy can be a very exciting time for a woman who is about to conceive. It is also a time when she needs to relax more often than not. She will go through ... Read on »
San Francisco Yoga Teacher "Asks For It!" by ynottonycom Healthy Living Professional My “mama” always says: “If you want something; ask for it!” SO! Recently, I read a Facebook Post for a Yoga Teacher Contest. The Prize: "A 5 day y ... Read on »
Recovery...... by Valerie O. Recovery from a back injury can be such a painfully (pun intended) long drawn out affair. It is all about taking things easy for such an interminably long period of time - ... Read on »
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