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ZEN MUSIC for meditation and Yoga

Posted Oct 09 2009 10:20am
There are so many music choices today when searching for relaxation music. Relaxation Music helps us to re-connect with our innate being. We live "in" music.  Great music nourishes us in ways we don't even realize.  It inspires us, relaxes us, energizes us; inshort, it heals us and keeps us well.  

When we speak of Zen Music, we are looking for perfect silence, that moment of inner peace. The goal is to calm the mind, ease the body and meditate.

When selecting Zen music for meditation, there is something important to bear in mind. What we really want to achieve is possible with meditation. Selecting the best music for meditation can be serene, tranquil or instrumental music. It helps achieve improved self esteem and a relaxed state of mind.

Mantra Music, however, are sacred texts chanted to a melody. When we chant mantras, the repetition of the yoga of sound ( Naad Yoga) helps us focus our minds and awaken our consciousness. Naad Yoga ( mantra) uses sound, tone, rhythm, singing and listening in order to awaken the consciousness and create new vibrations.Using chanting mantras to create these vibrations is the highest form of self-communication.Chanting mantras has become more popular since the popular recording by the Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos, Spain, who sold over 4 million copies in forty-two countries. Since then, we have seen more and more kirtan artists and mantra music being performed in yoga studios and various yoga events.

All being equal though, no matter what style of music meditation one is looking for, the music should never distract from the meditations.

About Lea:

a mother, a Kundalini yoga teacher, a chanting kirtan artist, a songwriter and the co-producer of ZEN VOYAGE, Music for meditations CD  :     for samples



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