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YYoga : Just BE

Posted Sep 11 2008 3:52pm

Fscn02080001 The screening of Arthur Klein's YYoga Movie last night was another opportunity to obtain some new insights as to "why yoga " -

Shiva Rea expressed it best by saying " I don't have to do yoga, I want to BE yoga "

Bryan Kest's take was " When you DO something with quality, that's yoga"

And as Manorama phrased it in a previous post, " Forget about looking for LOVE, I want to BE Love"

Fscn02060001_2 So by BEing present @ this particular screening, I got to meet Chris Chapple , Navin & Pratima Doshi Professor of Indic & Comparative Theology @ LMU, Therapeutic Yoga teacher Jasmine Lieb ( with yoginis Lonnie Butler & Sara of Yogi Chocolate @ left ) & kirtan wala / teacher Daniel Stewart.Thanks very much Daniel for the kind words re this blog. As I mentioned last night in response to your question as to why I started it, the inspiration was and always will be the TEACHERS who have shared so much.

I also ended up hanging out for a short bit with surfing yogini & musician Denise Kaufman as we dropped off her speakers. What can I say when you enter someone's house and see a stack of shortboards ( there are more in Hawaii ), electric guitars & a wall of vintage rock posters , all a bit of a sensory overload. And then learning that her all girl band "Ace of Cups" opened for Jimi Hendrix back in the day ; that she surfs in Kauai ( in response to my I surfed VLands on the North Shore once ) but still gets coral cuts just like the rest of us , & teaches Yin Yoga : Lady, you ROCK !

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