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Yogi John :Stew Richlin

Posted Aug 25 2008 4:11pm

Black_2 Via Stew Richlin is this excellent comment on a previous post I had done onYogi John Franzoni .

"I was one of Yogi John's private students; in about 1992 after 8 months of private lessons with my family .Yogi honored me by asking me to teach in his studio on Wednesday nights as there was a teacher who had left. I had been a full time lawyer and about 40 lbs overweight...after the 8 months I was a completely different person, felt amazing, looked completely different. Before you knew it the teaching bug bit and I opened YOGA ON MELROSE where I taught for about 7 years full time. Yogi and I team taught a special class there for about 18 months, for seniors and pre-natal moms.

You could always count on seeing a light on at Yogi's studio late at nite, and a drop in would find an all night puja or deep reading into Manly P Hall or others. Yogi maintained an esoteric library unequaled.

Having evolved through the judeo-christian culture, from Scientology to the Shumash native american teachers to Indian Chinese and Tibetan, Yogi maintained at least 4 or 5 traditions of enlightenment practice.

I joined ONE HAND CLAPPING, Rain Grey, John Franzoni, Scoobie Sorkin and we played our meditative Tibetan Bell Bowl improvisaitons for high lamas and meditators around the southland. We played at Narnia in about 1994, Ommming with at least ten thousand partying youth from a giant stage. We were interviewed by Roy in the Morning on KPFK, and we were as dry as a martini, and as funny as the early Beatles by far.

Yogi is a great inspiration; he had a great sense of humor and he made his own way in the world as a spiritual teacher in the midst of LA, which was the task he set himself in 1968. In a spirit walk we shared 30 years later in 1998 Yogi reflected on his choices and how he had done just what he set out to do during a spirit walk he had thirty years ago.

Om mani padme hung! "

Thanks for this honor, Stew & much love for the inspiration from back in the days when LA was groovy -

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