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Yoga Today podcasts

Posted by Travis B.

I've been doing yoga for about 20 years -- mostly Iyengar Yoga. For many years I practiced several hours a day; now my practice is more in the 20-30 minutes/day range. Kids, you know. But a few months ago when I discovered Yoga Today's hour-long video podcast (, I thought the length of the daily session, and the diversity, might motivate me to spend more time on my practice. While the podcasts are beautiful and the poses terrific, I found the difficulty level to be too high, and the variety to be daunting -- I couldn't get into a routine, and was spending too much time trying to get a glimpse of what they were doing on the screen. My poses rarely correlated with mine. However, I would recommend that you check it out. I may try it again, but just repeat the same routine for an entire week before moving on to a new one. And spend the time to watch a routine first before practicing it. It's a terrific resource, and Yoga Today also offers an audio-only version on its Web site (
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