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Yoga Tips - Doing yoga

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm
Nose breathing. During yoga, you should keep your mouth closed and breathe in and out through your nose and the back of your throat.
Opposing pairs. Almost every pose has an opposite, to help make sure your body gets a balanced stretch. Try to do poses in opposing pairs.
Pick your level. There's nothing wrong with taking it easy, most instructors will give you variations to choose from – pick the one that's right for you.
Savasana. Each practice ends with Savasana, or corpse pose, where you lie still and let your body absorb the benefit of the practice. Try not to miss this.
Silence is golden. Turn your mobile phone off before class – don't be that guy/girl.
Staying balanced. Pick a point on the wall or floor to focus on during balancing poses
Sun Salutation. One of the most common sequences, Sun Salutation is a series of 12 postures performed in a single, graceful flow, coordinated with the breath.
When to eat. Try not to do yoga right after a big meal.
Yoga at home. If you can't make it to class, it's helpful to even do a few basic sequences (like Sun Salutation) at home everyday.
Yoga at the office. Put your hands behind your back and interlock your fingers, stretching your shoulders back and opening your chest. Look straight forward.
Yoga at your desk. Do yoga at your desk. Sit up tall and stretch your arms overhead, interlocking your fingers with your palms to the ceiling. Breathe deeply.
Yoga by DVD. You can do yoga at home by buying a yoga DVD and following along at home. Get yourslef a sticky mat and a quiet place.
You know best. Don't try to do exactly what the instructor does, do the best you can given your level of flexibility (they do this all day, every day)
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