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Yoga Teacher Training Course

Posted by sky

Good day!

I am looking into being a yoga teacher. I have been practicing yoga since year 2000, mostly with a DVD, but I join classes when my schedule from work allows me.  

I'd like to know what are the requirements to be a yoga teacher. I have a metal implant for my scoliosis since 1990. Although I have no problems doing my asanas, I'm wondering if it will be a hindrance to my being a yoga teacher.

Looking forward to your input. Thank you.


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Hello Sky,

To truly be a teacher of yoga is a great responsibility. It is to be taken seriously and looked at very carefully. Yoga teachers, while well intentioned, can be very poorly trained and thus heighten the risk of student injuries.

Some make the mistake of believing that the skill set of a student is identical to the skill set of a teacher. This is utterly untrue. If you are passionate about the practice, have an open heart, are willing to keep your ego out of the way of sharing yoga AND you are willing to train and continue that training then yes do consider being a teacher.

To be a yoga teacher means to teach only what you have brought in to your own practice. It means living that which you teach. It means cultivating the ability to use language, use it tactfully, effectively, and economically. It means being able to speak to different students in different ways. It means moving beyond fact and data and into wisdom.  

If this speaks to you deeply then forge ahead with a clear path.

Since asana is only 1/100,000,000 of Yoga, your body, or mine, or anyone else's could not be a hinderance to teaching.

I suggest you find an in-class practice that really resonates with you and then look into training in that style. It would be very difficult to have an authentic teacher-student interaction with a DVD and there is much more to teaching Yoga than some choreography.

Look for a school that is registered with the Yoga Alliance. You can find more info on their web site.




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