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Yoga Philosophy

Posted by Stephanie B.

As part of my teacher training we have been learning a lot of the basics of yoga philosophy. I have learned all about the 8 limbs of yoga as well as the yamas and niyamas and all sorts of things in my beloved Sanskrit. ;-)

How much does yoga philosophy inform or affect your personal practice, if at all?

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I try to bring the yoga philosophy into my practice as much as possible. In fact, I there much more for the mental/emotional benefits than the physical. I love yoga philosophy and look forward to continuing to grow with it through my practice.
I tend to focus, when teaching, on the physical, and talk about the philosophical. But in my own practice I focus alot on the philosophy. The physical practice is a doorway to the next step (the philosophy of yoga)

What do you mean by "philosophy", "inform" and "affect"?

If those are refined I may be able to ascertain how they are intertwined in my practice. Are you asking if I practice satya in asana or something much, much deeper?

I think she's asking you if you think on the 8 limbs of yoga or are worried about how your butt looks in your new yoga pants :)
Well I have quite a significant back of my front and my attire is almost always plainer than Jane. So I could safely say I'm not thinking much about my caboose or my heather gray Russel shorts and ecru hemp tee - :-)
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