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Yoga: NOT Just For Relaxation

Posted by Lela D.

Let's get one thing clear about yoga. It's not just for relaxation and it's not just a good stretch. Yoga poses do so much for you on so many levels. Those looking for a serious workout should not discount yoga as too easy or not strenuous enough. Have you seen the body on Madonna? On Jennifer Aniston? On Rodney Yee? I have walked away from yoga practice sweating like and downward dog and I have crawled out of bed the next day feeling like I'd been lifting weights the day before. There are many different styles of yoga and I'm here to tell you, it's all good!
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I bought apunching bag a few weeks ago and decided to punch and kick it for about 20 minutes a day. At about that same time I decided to do yoga and noticed that I was wonderfully sore that week. I attributed the soreness to the punching bag because it felt harder to do and I would sweat a lot more than yoga. Well, the punching bag broke and I had to order a new part. In the meantime I was just doing the yoga and realized that I was sore from the yoga and not the pucnhing bag! Because it is slower does not mean it is less work.
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