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Yoga Hygiene : Sunday AM Mysore

Posted Dec 12 2011 12:00am

E4d39833e7a06e63630f0110.L This post is going to be really ironic , considering the previous one was on Dharana or focus.

It was like a big cosmic joke yesterday morning. I was looking forward to my favorite Sun. AM Mysore class & even after hitting the snooze button on my alarm twice , I managed to make it to the shala. This after attending parties two consecutive nights in a row.

As I started into Surya Namaskar  A, it became apparent that it was going to take more than Dharana to get through this class . I could tolerate one of my biggest pet peeves to the right , the "Thudder " , an intermediate practitioner / acrobat who was making no effort to muffle the sounds of his landings.

The biggest yogic challenge was wafting to my left , a person who was oblivious of his own stench & pungency. And the more he practiced , the fouler the air reeked around us.

By the time I got to the seated postures , relief came in the form of an empty space in the back row. Which I bolted to the safety of immediately in order to minimize the throbbing headache & nausea that was coming on as a side effect of the aroma.

  Portland Ashtanga Yoga  has this note on " What About Hygiene ? " from its Beginners FAQs :

" Please try to wear clean clothes & shower before class . Deodorants & scented oils are OK , just don't bathe in them. If you have to ask whether you're wearing too much , you are wearing too much. Don't slather on the Tiger Balm & Ben-Gay. It won't help much anyway.

Gentlemen, if you wear AXE , then beware the AXE effect. You will not practice alone ."

I could have dealt with the smell of AXE in this case if that was all I was up against. 

As an added FYI , Bhakti Yoga has extremely strict rules & guidelines on cleanliness & hygiene.

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