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Yoga For Kids-Tried it out!

Posted by Teresa J.

Yesterday, we decided to see if our son likes yoga. We all got down on the floor and did a yoga for kids video together. Not only did he have fun interacting with us but pretending to be a for alligator, g for grasshopper, and many other letters of the alphabet got all 3 of us moving and laughing. It was tiring and exhilirating, each letter a yoga pose altered to fit the interest of a child. Though my 2-year-old son's attention span didn't last throughout the entire video, he got through most of it and even learned to say "ohm" and to sway to the "namaste song." we were "ohm"ing off and on until bedtime! The only cautions I would put forth would be that children should be supervised while doing the video, as poses like wheel and headstand are featured.

To learn more about the video we used, go to

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Headstand for kids? Yikes! I am going to be learning a little bit about teaching kids how to do yoga at an upcoming teacher training; should be very interesting and fun. Kids are so much more naturally flexible - I wish I had started when I was younger. Be careful about pushing it too much on a kid though or they may rebel against it later.
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