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Yoga for a beautiful skin.

Posted by Swati S.

Want to take a shot at treating wrinkled skin, under eye circles and getting a glowing, beautiful skin the natural way? Yoga is known as a good way to get a healthy body. But yoga can also be used to work your way towards a more beautiful you. This simple, easy-to-do "asana" shows you how. Stand straight and move your feet apart, almost the same distance as your shoulders. Now cover your face with your palms and breathe, deep and fast. Do this 10 times. Next, hold up the two fingers nearest to the thumb. Take these two fingers of each hand and make small circles on entire your face, your eyes and your forehead. Continue to breathe deep and fast. Do this exercise for 5-10 minutes, start from the chin and slowly move to the forehead. Keep on taking deep breaths. Do this regularly to get a glowing, healthy skin.
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Thanks for this information - I haven't heard of this before. I also know some older ladies who swear by hanging upside down! Can you say head stand? I'm not sure anti-gravity really works that way, but who knows? Don't forget to drink your water too....
Now that is something I had not heard about. Standing on my head to get a healthy skin - I don't know - -- - -But this is not even something I can try - coz I don't know how to headstand.
I think the massage in itself would create a glowing complexion because of the increased bloodflow to the face...which may also be the case in the headstand scenerio. Also, with the breathing exercize, there is probably some steam effect along with the massage. It sounds valid to me, perhaps I will try it!
Thanks for positng this. I need all the help I can get with these dark circles.
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