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Yoga Exercise question?

Posted by 1959rita

I want to lose weight and trim down more,w3hat yoga exxrcises or poses do i need to do?Im a beginner?There are so many diffrent yoga names.
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You likely will not be fond of my answer. Fortunately I didn't become a yoga teacher to be popular:-) I do realize you are a beginner so I'll give you what I think the requisite info is and you can take it or leave it as you see fit.

First, we are talking about asana, not yoga. Yoga is a vast body of wisdom of which asana (poses) are a miniscule sliver. Yoga is a set of tools for human evolution. Asana is a system for healing the physical body. 

In this respect asana will be helpful in two possible ways. The first is raising your activity level. You can do that with cycling, swimming, walking, skiing, whathaveyou. If you opt to pursue yoga (asana) there are several "types" that burn a few more calories - these are faster and hotter though not necessarily "better" for you. They go by "hot", "vinyasa", "flow" and "power". Ashtanga yoga is also quite frisky.

The second is bringing you to a point where you are very aware of your eating habits AND their effect as fuel on your life. You see, one is on the outside while two is on the inside:-)

Weight loss is really quite simple. It is basically a formula added to discipline. The formula involves your BMR, activity level, and the proper apportionment of healthy proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Starvation is actually counter productive to weight loss as the body reacts to starvation by "holding on" to fat stores. 

For me, diet means two things; an internal commitment to change and a shift in perception such that I am not eating good foods but foods that are good for me (proper fuel). Nothing processed, in a bag, can, box, or package and nothing fat-free as it has nothing of value in it. Food must have value, not be free of fat.

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