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Yoga Etiquette c/o Danurasana : Uno Mas

Posted Mar 26 2008 3:22pm 5 Comments

20060824a5_1As that cliche' goes , "because common sense is not that common ", or "why do you have to act so common? " . This is expressly for those who need to be reminded of RESPECT . This was first posted back in 2006 :

"The world is really getting smaller what with all the cross cultural pollination by electronic media and devices. And some issues that necessitate yoga etiquette are apparently as prevalent in Asia as they are here in Santa Monica.

Danurasana Brunei has this funny but to the point reminder for all newbies:

  • Come to class with an open mind and heart. And if you are just starting out, and am thinking, why am i here? Read this. Come with good intention.
  • Do come in time for classes. If you are late, check to make sure you do not disturb the class during tuning in sessions where noise will be a distraction and oft times to most students, an annoyance. Do sit outside awhile and settle in the class once the warm ups have started.
  • Mobile phones on silent. Its really just plain rude to others.
  • Silence in observed in class, giggles are allowed but not at the expense of others. Laughing at yourself through those almost impossible poses are encouraged.
  • Make sure you do not obstruct the view of other students in the class and position your mats in considerate manner. Obstruction of view with the intention of showing off your almost perfect behind to that cute guy you want to ask out is permissible.
  • Plumber's bum and excessive cleavage , however, is illegal.
  • Do not chew gum, distract others and slouch in class. We do not expect you to be perfect. But please be present. Goofing off is not cool.
  • Yoga teachers can smell what you had for lunch or dinner. Coming to class with B.O is human cruelty. Teachers will NOT come near you to adjust.
  • Comments and questions are made AFTER the class.
  • Please fold your own mats and wipe after your own sweat. They cannot move by themselves.
  • While waiting for the class to start, please speak softly as there will be others who come and relax to prepare for their practice. Treat yoga studios as it is. Not a market.

All in all, rules are not meant to stifle but should be observed for everyone's comfort. We are not tight asses, really. Courtesy is cool and it is IN!"

& Chatasana is not a pose -

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It's a very interesting listing Peter. How would you amend it?
I can't take credit for this very funny but true post.It was originally from my friend Danurasana's blog.She teaches yoga in Brunei. Shows that East & West do meet when it comes to yoga etiquette.
"Chatasana" - that's a good one. Funny list. I really haven't noticed any yoga etiquette problems in any of the classes I have been to. The biggest annoyance I have had in class is in going to Exhale in Santa Monica, which has a bunch of celebrity yoga teachers. The business packs in students up to the cubbies and doesn't turn people away. It's really frustrating to practice with someone else's butt in your face.
I hear you regarding packing practitioners rear end to rear end. I avoid those classes as the experience & focus is totally diluted with the discomfort.
Love this! It is so true. Yoga class etiquette is key!
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