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Yoga breaths = energy

Posted by Tamar F.

In one of my guilty pleasure reading staples, “Woman’s World”, breath is in the news. It’s not just how you breathe, it’s what you breathe. First, they are advising people to breathe in a “yoga way”: 1) sit in a chair and take deep breaths – drawing your navel towards your spine. Then, start taking about 15 short breaths. Finish with another deep breath. You can repeat this cycle up to 3 times.

But what are you breathing? They suggest basil, peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary to stay alert. I suppose you could brew yourself some dried herb tea and drape a towel over the hot mug, breathing under the tent.

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I found that before I found a class to take, one of the best TV shows to demonstrate yoga breathing was Living Yoga With Padma. She often does breathing exercises with her viewers and I have found (learning from her show and in class) that, with yoga breath, I can calm myself, get through tough poses, and breathe deeper.
While I don't think essential oils is a traditional part of yogic breathing, they can certainly be terrific to use. When I had this bad cold that was going around in the past few weeks, I used eucalyptus essential oil to help open up my nasal passages. I even brought it with me to a yoga class and put some under my nose so I could do breath of fire with more ease.
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