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Yoga, Breast Health, and Breast Cancer

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:00pm

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and in honor of this occasion, I'd like to focus on breast health and the role that yoga plays in the lives of those who are dealing with and/or have survived breast cancer. These days so much attention is paid to the size of a woman's breasts and very little to the true value of the breasts -- to nourish (this goes beyond feeding a baby), to open a woman to pleasure, to connect a woman with her sensuality and inner goddess. The list goes on and on. It's so sad to me that we tend to treat the breasts as objects, with our attention focused shallowly on looking sexy.

Today many women are taught to feel self-conscious about their breast size, shape, and orientation. Frankly, I'm so damned glad to have healthy breasts that I wouldn't even think of altering them in any way. I appreciate my breasts and wouldn't change them for the world, yet I understand how many women feel pressured to alter their breasts in some way to meet a standard set by society.

Get Educated About Your Breasts
If you're wanting to go beyond the sex symbol view of breasts and explore breast health, I highly recommend this article

Breasts as the Gateway to Pleasure
The ironic thing about the association between a woman's sexiness and the appearance of her breasts is that the sensuality of the breasts gets overlooked. The world of Tantra believes that the breasts have a direct connection with the heart and the yoni (vagina in Sanskrit). Not only does breast stimulation contribute to the health of your breasts, but it also can also induce serious pleasure. Click here to learn more about Tantric breast massage and for a how-to (ladies, you don't need to have a partner to enjoy a Tantric breast massage -- you can give one to yourself). 

Yoga Resources for Breast Health and Breast Cancer Survivors
Since breast cancer is the most common cancer in woman in the United States, it's good to know that yoga can help the women dealing with breast cancer and breast cancer treatment and recovery. Here are some resources:

Support the Fight Against Breast Cancer
If you'd like to show your support for those whose lives have been touched by breast cancer, sells a pink yoga mat from which the sales proceeds go to help fight breast cancer.

And for those of us who have healthy breasts -- let's appreciate rather than berate them, shall we?


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