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Yoga Bits, Bytes, and Bears

Posted Sep 18 2010 5:14pm

As a yoga enthusiast and teacher I've been accused on more than one occasion of eating, sleeping, and breathing yoga. Is there truth to that? Some, I suppose. Of course yoga is everywhere, so it's possible that it's pervading your consciousness through osmosis. Here's a little example of my week, which has been chock full o' yoga...


My week started off with a little something that reminded me of the music clubs of the 80s (you know the ones where you would pay a penny for a bunch of music and then receive monthly shipments for a small fee thereafter). Yoga Journal, in an attempt to push their new DVD series, send out unsuspecting subscribers such as myself a DVD in the mail. Nope, I didn't request it. Now I have to stick it back in the postage paid envelope and send the thing back because I don't want it. Didn't ask for it. Don't want it.

If the folks over at Yoga Journal were hoping that I would follow the Law of Reciprocity and pay for something after they give me a freebie, they are wrong. Boo hiss, Yoga Journal. You just spent who knows how much on postage and materials in the hope that your subscribers are what -- too lazy to send it back to as no to receive an automatic shipment every month that they have to pay for? I'm becoming more disenchanted with Yoga Journal every day. I think it's time to throw the subscription renewal letter in the trash.

So there you have it -- a week of yoga happenings. I don't know if I eat, sleep, and breathe yoga but it sure does play a pretty prominent role in my life. I wouldn't say that's a bad thing...


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