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Yoga at home. Where to start?

Posted by Alexandra Cohen Patient Expert

Recently I've had a talk with my husband and we came to the point that it’ll be good to me to start doing some yoga to keep my body healthy and fit without overexhausting myself heavily. A workout room would be a disaster to my weak vessels when some static strain exercises might do some good to me.

May I ask you to advice me some books or physical exercises guides to start with?

To tell the truth I’m not really interested in philosophy (have too much of it in my head now so it must take some time to get it processed) but I would love to know about physical complexes for my body.

Unfortunately all yoga clubs or schools or centers nearby are eager to promise me enlightening, opening my third eye and relief from cancer in case that I have it right after I join them.. if you know what I mean. And what I would really like is to first get accustomed to yoga at home, decide whether it suits me.

I will appreciate any advice from you for now I don’t really know where to start.

Thank you.

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Hello Alexandra,

People come to a yoga practice with a variety of different motives. And it's perfectly fine to go merely for the poses which are referred to in Sanskrit (the language of yoga) as asana. So you are looking for an asana program you can develop in your home.

Since this is Yoga and not Step, or strength training, or some other modality, safety is of prime importance. Much like a doctor has an oath to "do no harm" so too should a yoga student or teacher. It is not always that way in application but it is in alignment with yoga itself. 

Since a mal-aligned asana practice can do some harm (some in the moment, others over time) I'd like to suggest a DVD. The one I'd recommend in this instance is the beginning yoga DVD by Patricia Walden. In this way you will cultivate a sound and fundamental physical practice which will serve you over the life of the practice.

The book I would suggest as a supplement is "Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health". Yes, it does have some sections on philosophy, yes it is a large book and a bit much for where you are currently, however it has some marvelous pictures and sequences.

Both of these suggestions fall in the lineage of Yoga referred to as Iyengar, so named after BKS Iyengar. While this isn't a style I teach, it is relatively sound and safe when followed without ego and aggression.


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