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Yoga as weight-loss method?

Posted by Nirmala N.

Sure, it's an activity that helps you gain both peace of mind and more energy, but can yoga also help you lose weight? According to experts, a simple hour of yoga only burns 244 calories an hour, which is equivalent to the amount of calories you'd burn from a brisk walk. So in other words, it's not so great for burning fat. At the same time, yoga can be one of the facets that helps you burn calories while you're doing other activities. Because yoga is great for flexibility, posture, and endurance, it naturally improves the way you walk - and for how long and fast you do it. Also, yoga has an effect on metabolic processes. Because yoga is believed to affect the thyroid (which directly affects metabolism), some poses are believed to directly assist in weight loss and management.
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I am a firm believer that yoga reduces stress and, like you said, creates better posture when doing other things. Weight loss seems to happen a lot more quickly when I am not stressed out and act calm throughout the day. Perhaps someone could post a medical basis for loosing weight when less stressed.
i want to know different asanas for fast weight loss and also for how many minutes we have to do those asanas.
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