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yoga artist management agency: props to supporting yoga teachers

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:01pm
There's been a lot of talk lately about this new, supposed "yoga talent agency"--the Yoga Artist Management Agency. Some critics voiced off about the "sickening" nature of yogis "seeking fame." Others called it the "dumbing down of America yoga."

I call it brilliant. And I'm thrilled I got to talk with Ava Taylor, founder of the whole shebang. She gave me the inside scoop on what the agency will do: book retreats, conferences, festivals, and even corporate yoga gigs, plus massage teacher's brand so they can get the word out easier.

Here's why I'm a fan, of the YAMA and Ava:
1. It's called YAMA for a reason: a constant, non-stop reminder of the company's authentic, integral roots in yogic philosophy
2. Yes, Ava needs to make money, too --but she's not doing it by using her background in advertising, marketing, or PR, to hype a bunch of useless stuff. She's doing it using her skills to help teachers pay their bills, and keep on spreading the love. She really does believe "the world would be a better place if all people practiced yoga."
3. Ava practices what she preaches, referencing plenty o' different yoga styles and classes she continues to take, and to yogic philosopphy
4. The goal is not, as one critic said, to promote "Young, white, and skinny with perky boobies in the latest chakra bra", but to expand the image of yoga to include people from all ages, races, you name it, they wanna rep it. And who are they repping? The list hasn't been released yet, but word has it it will include Sadie Nardini and Kia Miller.
5. The moral of the story is, as Ava says, to enable teachers to teach.

We live in a PR-driven world; what's wrong with using the tools of our dominant culture to share the love and make the world a better place?
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