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Yoga 101: Getting Started with a Yoga Workout

Posted Apr 05 2011 2:31pm

Yoga is a great workout to start incorporating into your weekly routine. There are many different benefits to engaging in a regular yoga workout and include such benefits of improving your flexibility, balance, posture, and strength.

So how do you get started with a yoga workout? Let’s go through the 7 great steps to get you on the road to fun yoga workouts followed by my 5 favorite yoga poses.

For the video:

1. Do your research. There are many different types of yoga workouts out there that focus on different aspects of wellness. Power yoga is probably the most popular yoga workout in gyms and focuses more on improving cardio health and strength endurance. Find the yoga workout that seems most interesting for you.

2. Buy a yoga workout DVD or join a yoga class at a gym. When you are just getting started with yoga, I suggest you take a couple classes at a gym until you get the hang of the different poses so you can make sure you are doing them correctly to avoid injury. After a few classes, investing in a yoga DVD for home use can be a fun way to get a good workout at home.

3. Invest in the necessary yoga supplies. There are many different types of gear out there to aid your yoga workout. However, a non-slip mat and some comfortable clothes are really all that you need. Make sure the clothes you are using for yoga are comfortable and not too baggy to make it easy for you to do the different poses without your clothes getting in the way.

4. Get a workout buddy. This is not necessary but sure makes doing a yoga workout more fun. It also allows you to have the motivation and support to keep doing the yoga workouts. Yoga can be fun!

5. Maintain a yoga practicing schedule. Whether you permanent marker your yoga workouts on your calendar at home or enter it onto your Google calendar, make sure you have your workouts scheduled which will keep you coming up with that time excuse of why you aren’t doing your yoga workout.

6. Start out small. When just getting started with yoga, make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself by making too big of a commitment. Start with doing 1 or 2 yoga workouts a week and work your way up to how many you want to do. Remember that the more you do yoga, the easier the poses become and the more fun the workout is.

7. Have fun and feel great after your yoga workouts! The key to any physical activity is to have fun and enjoy it! If you don’t enjoy it, you will have trouble staying motivated to keep doing the workouts. So, if you aren’t having fun after 4 or 5 yoga workouts, find a different type of workout to spend your time doing.

Here are my 5 favorite poses or sequence of poses during a yoga workout:

1. Sun Salutation
2. Pigeon Pose
3. Seated Twist
4. Standing Balance
5. Warrior 1 and Warrior 2

Leave me a comment below and let me know what your favorite yoga pose is and why you like yoga.


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