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Yes yoga and no yoga are doing yoga

Posted Jul 31 2009 11:47am
The high energy is slowly being adjusted in me and is fading away. I slept well last night. These heightened energy episodes come once in a while, and it seams like I just have to live through them, accepting how the energy is and how I react to it. It`s like an upgrading of a computer program.

At work: Summer is more restful. Only me and a secretary (a temp) there in the whole office. She has a wonderful, wonderful energy. We had lunch, she`s into healing, I knew it. The energy told me before she said it. A very special person. We are the same age and have children of same age. I like her a lot and we get to spend the summer more or less by our selves in the office. It`s great to work together when the energy is flowing so beautiful.

Yoga: After three nights with very little sleep I feel crystal clear in my head, but my body is getting tired. Yoga yesterday morning was very wobbly, I got exhausted after just a few Suryanamaskaras. Today I am more rested.

The internal conversation taking place before and during yoga today;

Yes yoga; "Oh yes, another morning with yoga, wonderful, let`s get going!"
No yoga; "Just a few more minutes to finish theses sentences. Don`t push yourself so much, take it easy."
Yes yoga; "Ok, mat on floor, do the whole thing from the beginning and just go as far as you can before the 38 minutes are up. Do it as if you had 2 hours to spend."
No yoga; "No, just a few Suryanamaskaras, are you not still a bit tired?"
Yes yoga; "Oh how wonderful, Suryanamaskara gives the body such a good work out and stretch, wonderful."
No yoga; "Oh no, my arms are so week, this is to much, you should not push yourself to much."
Yes yoga; "Remember in class, you always go further than what you would do by your self. After a while you enjoy it once you get over the first resistance."
Yes yoga; "The last Suryanamaksar B:s are a bit shaky, but feel the sweat, it`s wonderful, your warm and soft now. Let`s get on to the standing sequence."
Yes yoga; "Mmmm, these stretches are so good, look now, the resistance is going away, now you have all these wonderful asanas in front of you, telling you exactly where you are, giving balance and you."
Yes yoga; "A job well done. Maybe a Mysore class this evening wold be good."

Yes exercise; " Yes walking to work, wonderful, 45 minute walk really fast. A lot of fresh air, beautiful scenery and fresh air."
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