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Would Bikram Yoga be safe for an 11 year old girl to practice?

Posted by Happy1

I have recently begun practicing Bikram Yoga.  I absolutely love it!!  My boyfriends beautiful 11-year old daughter is at a stage where we think some form of healthy excercise would be great for her.  Unfortunately, her mother is quite unhealthy physically and it seems instilling some bad habits in her children.  We do quite a lot of hiking and walking with the kids and now that the summer is here, swimming is definitely being added.  I would like to know if this would be a good choice for her.  She is definitely open to the idea of yoga. 
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I'll try to be direct in response to your question. And in so doing I'll try to bear in mind you love it.

There are two concerns with the practice you mention - the first is that strenuous physical exercise, over time, in extremely high heat, can be taxing to the cardio-pulmonary systems of a healthy adult human being. The second is that high heat creates an over-mobility in connective tissue which is designed to hold the human skeletal system together. In other words the presence of high heat fools the body into moving beyond a healthy range of motion thereby placing tendons and ligaments in danger.

I do not find that practice healthy for adults and therefore would not advise it for a developing child of 11 years. Yoga is wonderful. Find a class that teaches her fundamentals in a 70º room without spine and joint compression and you've done her a great service over her lifetime.

Thank you very much Gordon! I appreciate you taking the time to post an answer.
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