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why i almost stopped blogging about yoga – and why i’ve kind of started again

Posted Aug 16 2011 4:15am

Earlier this year I’d had enough.  I’d had enough of writing about yoga, of talking about yoga, of posting sequences and videos here on this blog.  I know you guys were all loving it, but sometimes you have to step back from what you do and look at it with fresh eyes and learn to let go of what no longer serves you.

In January my business really started to change.  Up until then my focus had always been on group yoga classes and a few one-to-ones.  Then with my massage qualifications finished the focus switched to massage clients – and consequently, maybe because I began thinking about individuals rather than groups, the number of one-to-one yoga clients I got increased rapidly. And group classes began to fade away, something for other people in the area to do.

At the same time my interest in the yoga blogosphere waned a little.  The whole of 2010 seemed to be one yoga controversy after another and when it rumbled on into 2011 with the constant bellyaching about what constitutes “real” yoga I stopped reading.  I had other things to write about what with and the Foos releasing a new album .  I just blogged about whatever came into my head.

This weekend I had a bit of a breakthrough/breakdown (the two have a tendency to go hand in hand).  There have been a couple of major changes to my schedule over the last few weeks.  Things that I had been teaching that, come September I will no longer be teaching.  It all came as a bit of a shock at first – I won’t go into details here, just suffice to say nothing is ever easy is it?

And then I realised that the time has come to let these things go.  The time has come to move my focus to working with individuals on a much deeper level, to help my clients get ownership of their own bodies again, to help them remove blocks, create energy, enhance joy!  Because who wouldn’t want to do that?

The upset and reluctance comes from a lack of belief in myself.  Who am I after all to think I can work with people on this sort of level?

Someone with six years of training and experience that’s who!! And yes, there’s a lot to learn – the final stage of my Pilates training starts in September and then there’s something else even more exciting that might happen – but that doesn’t mean the time isn’t right to take a big step forward.  Just because group classes are what I’ve always done, doesn’t mean it’s what I will always do.

And yes, Cambridge readers, I will be keeping my lovely Sunday morning yoga class.  I’m not giving up on you all completely!

This realisation has reignited a spark in me to write about what I know – yoga, massage, holistic bodycare, business start up – things I’ve done and loved.  There’s no agenda, no particular regularity but there will be blog posts and I hope you read it.

So much has changed over the last 12 months since I wrote this post and so much will continue to change, because that’s life.  It’s time I embraced the journey!

And for what it’s worth, “real” yoga? Well it’s whatever works for you! ;)

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