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Why a Stay at Home Parent Should Become a Yoga Instructor

Posted Dec 29 2012 1:22am
Being a stay at home mom or dad can be a fun and rewarding time in one's life. Being able to spend those early years together is a treasure that children and parents will remember and recall all their lives. But at some point the hours together shrink. The kids begin nursery school and it is time to get some adult things done. Soon, they are in school all day. At that point, parents have more hours with which to begin to do more of their own activities. For some that may mean getting back to work. Some may choose to get back to their old profession in a consulting role. Others have found something new, possibly fitness related, like yoga. For many, turning that passion into a money making opportunity becomes the goal. Yoga may the perfect profession to help the stay at home parent get back into the workforce. In today's economy, the desire to earn extra money may be the driving force. While paychecks are shrinking for many, the chance for a spouse to earn additional income with some of their free hours can be a tremendous boost. Those open hours will only increase as the kids grow older. It's like having a succession plan. Secondly, it is important to realize the benefits yoga can provide, let alone how they can help in parenting. Yoga's main focus areas of improvement are seen in a stronger core, breathing techniques, and balance. Having a stronger core can only help when you spend so much time either carrying children or carrying the packages from daily errands. Also, the better control you have of your breathing, the better you can be with managing the stresses and worry that come along with parenting. Finally, as a Bronx yoga instructor, you can make your own hours. You can perform sessions or organize classes during your children's school hours. There is little to no networking involved. No events to attend, until you are ready to increase the workload. You can work as little or as much as your schedule will allow each day. With success in the part time yoga arena, you can smoothly move into a full time instructor's career when the kids are not so reliant on you for their transportation and mobility. You can still be an effective parent and adjust your daily schedule accordingly to meet the family schedule. So, if you have been a stay at home parent, you enjoy yoga Bronx, and are ready to start to realize it's earning potential as you reestablish yourself in the workforce, becoming a yoga instructor may be the right path for you. You can continue to enjoy the benefits of yoga, create your own hours around family time, and begin to build a business that could provide some extra money now and economic stability in future years.
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