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Who's a Pretty Boy Then?............ Meet: SUNNY!

Posted Aug 03 2010 2:32pm

Yes, the new addition to the Jazzy household is a bright yellow budgie!

Isn't he gorgeous?

He's 7 weeks old now.

This is the present my childhood friend (D) with the heart of gold and her husband (F) gave WiiBoy last week. They gave him the cage too!

Oh, you should have seen his little face!

There was a little subterfuge going on. I brought him to see my friend and family telling him, as an enticement that they had lots of birds. He was intrigued and wondered if he would get one! The cheeky monkey! I hadn't told Mr Jazzy either...he'd have said no, so I said nowt.

F. brought WiiBoy out to his shed aviary and spent ages showing him the birds and answering all sorts of  questions. He doesn't always get the chance to talk about his birds to such an interested party!

He showed him newly hatched birds and the chicks growing in the tiny eggs! He used a light box to show the latter.

Then they showed him Sunny....his wings are clipped so he can't fly away. Until he gets used to us.

 They hit it off right away!

And then there was a dilemma. You see they have quite a lot of birds, 51 to be precise. This we know as Wiiboy counted them. So where to put poor Sunny?

There was no room in any of the cages.

There was a spare cage and WiiBoy put him into it. Perfect.

But, there was nowhere to put the spare cage :-(

We all noticed that Sunny seemed to really like WiiBoy.

Then we wondered if there was any chance..... WiiBoy's face brightened....

Nah, we wouldn't have room...would we? ....WiiBoy's face pleaded...

Well, MAYBE we could manage it....... WiiBoy's face lit up....totally!!

So Sunny came home with a happy mum and an ecstatic Wiiboy....home to a disgruntled Mr Jazzy who was none to happy with our latest pet. Never mind.... he'll get over it!

I grew up with budgies in our house. Our first one, Bobby, lived to the ripe old age of 16 and was older than me! He didn't talk much but our next budgie, Peri did. He was hilarious! The things he did and said.

So I'm delighted to have our budgie. He's settling in nicely and loves his new swing....

He turns himself inside out to try to figure out things...

WiiBoy is being very responsible talking to him, rubbing his chest and getting him up on his finger every day! Very good for both of them.

Oh, it's so exciting!

I wonder if he'll talk?  We're working on one easy phrase now..."Good Boy" .

I wonder what else he will say?

He's in the sitting room where xbox is.

Maybe I should worry about what else he might say!

Will I have a "Sunny Says" series of posts to match my "WiiBoy Words of Wisdom" Ones?!

I reckon so long as he doesn't repeat WiiBoy's classic line we'll be doing good ;-)

Could you just imagine Grandad or Nanny coming to visit and Sunny tweets
Dancing..... Vagina.

I mean, it would be smelling salts all round I reckon.

xx Jazzy
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