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Which types of yoga are to develop mindfulness, awareness of breath, meditative, non or slow moving--not about increasing flexib

Posted by Marika M.

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They all should be:-)

This is one of the larger issues facing yoga today. Much of what is being taught is not yoga but rather asana. And, of course, asana is a tiny sliver of yoga.

In Purna Yoga™, the yoga in which I train, teach, and practice, we teach four elements; asana/pranayama, meditation, lifestyle/nutrition, and applied philosophy. This might suit you though as teachers we are spread thin. (Where are you located??).

You might also enjoy Viniyoga or Anusara.


Gordon Kaplan

Certified Purna Yoga™ Teacher  

Hi Marika,

Gordon is right that all Yoga styles incorporate the elements you are seeking, though if you are not looking to explore flexibility in too much depth then a "Restorative Yoga" might be the best approach. Many yoga studios will provide an introductory or beginners yoga sessions as well which is a good start.

Yoga is all about exploring the dimensions of your body with rhytmic movements or sustained holds, in conjunction with deep breathing and a focal point in each posture (asana).  I would recommend you also explore Tai Chi or even Qigong which are both fantastic absorptive meditative expriences with slow rhytmic movements.

Wishing you all the best in your personal practice 

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