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What would you do if you could not do yoga?

Posted by Stephanie B.

OK, don't get me wrong, I love yoga, but there have also been big periods of my life where it was not a part of my life. And I got to thinking, after reading a post here somewhere, what would some people do if they could not do yoga for whatever reason?

There was a period there where I did not do yoga and focused on martial arts instead. I never did get that far in martial arts, but I think that if I could not do yoga, I might find one of those spiritual martial arts practices and try that instead. And actually, I'm considering trying aikido soon in addition to yoga.

My other big love is surfing, and that's what I would do instead of yoga. Surfing has its own spiritual as well as physical benefits. The one thing I don't like about it, though, is that it's much more dangerous than yoga. In a pinch, I'll swim instead.

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Two thoughts.

One, as long as there is one more breath in the body yoga is possible. Asana may not be, er sorry, the physical postures of yoga which are often confused as being yoga may not be. But capital Y yoga is possible until the end.

Two, if I were to classify yoga (for me in my life, not for others) it would not be in the same group or of the same genus as martial arts, surfing, basketball, jogging, nordic skiing, lawn bowling, drag racing, or curling.

For me, Yoga is an evolutionary toolbox with many tools in it. It is that thing that allows me to know me more fully and to be the kind of person outwardly to others (or "in the world) that I am internally at the source, soul, or essence level. Yoga is a method to peel away the sheaths of ignorance and so very few other things can take its place for me.

You had to ask huh? LOL

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