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What poses are best for someone with a protruding disc (lower back)?

Posted by BwayMeadowlark

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Protruding where? If it is protruding INTO the spinal canal then I'd prefer you NOT take advice on yoga over the internet. These sorts of issues are classified as "therapeutic" and therefore mandate a therapeutic approach. That's a tough nut to offer without in-person assessment.

In the meantime (meaning ~ before you get yourself to a highly qualified yoga teacher) please avoid seated forward bends (including but not limited to Paschimotanasana) and be incredibly careful and incredibly gentle if you are doing any form of twisting. Furthermore, absolutely no twisting WHILE backbending as this actually leads to disc issues.

When disks move as you mention it is best to stay very, very well hydrated, eat a diet rich in yin or calming foods, work your meditation to bring ease into the portion of the spine that's cranky, and employ traction to create space for the vertebra to be "encouraged" to go back from whence it came. It takes time, be patient.... 

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