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What is the thought on reading from texts while teaching a yoga class?

Posted by laughingsoul

Hello. I just taught my first yoga class during my teacher training program and I put everything I had into it. I have anxiety and memory issues so I went in scripted and the feedback I got was constructive except, my teacher stated that I read too much and it made the class less genuine because it did not come from the heart. This really hurt me because yoga is the only space where I can hang out in my heart and communicate with it. I did read from different sources because they expressed what I felt in my heart at the time when I was doing this practice and I wanted to make sure that I got the sequence how I wanted it. I have been to classes where teachers read. I was just curious as to what the general consensus is. Thank you.
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Hello Laughingsoul.

As yoga teachers one of our missions is to get out of the way, set the ego aside, and allow ourselves to be conduits or tubes through which yoga passes to students. It does not appear to be a native skill therefore it must be learned and practiced.

I do not read while teaching unless there is a particular purpose in so doing. It happens once in a while but it is quite rare in my class. That having been said, preparation is wonderful. I believe every teacher should prepare for their class. In our case that preparation could be doing the sequence planned in one's own home practice, meditating, or simply rehearsing.

If you are well trained and that training is from someone living yoga then there's no need to be hurt by their direction - including constructive feedback. Again, this is only ego as the soul is not hurt and the teacher loves you and wants to guide you toward your authentic nature.

You will teach in a way that feels right for you AND continue to evaluate what that means and how to refine it. If, for now, it is reading, so be it. 

Yo just try sit alone in peacefull place then just take one by one yoga posture and start giving intsruction form your heart and mind to you. dont go for typical bookish language try to give instruction in your own lanuage, use words which you can express easily.
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