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What is the best way to get started in yoga?

Posted by do it BIG endurance

I am very inflexible and I want to increase flexibility. My uncle does yoga and it has done wonders for his aches and pains. HELP!
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Find a local yoga studio and just GO! Studios are incredibly receptive of first-time yogis: if you inform the teacher, they'll probably offer more in-depth, detailed instruction to help you through your first class. Most yoga studios also offer discounts to first-timers and many waive the first class fee. If you don't want to commit to buying a mat without trying yoga first, most studios also have mat rentals.

 Try a class, it could become the most rewarding experience of your life.

Sounds good I suppose. I am a guy though, how do I avoid the creeper effect by going to a yoga class?
There actually have been an increase in males in yoga classes I think. I have noticed that Bikram Yoga (held in a 105 degree room) has a lot of males in it. However, I suggest you try a regular yoga class before you jump into Bikram.
I'm also a guy, I've been doing yoga for a while now. I'm currently going through a yoga teacher training program. Simply being a guy doing yoga doesnt give off a creeper effect. The women in my YTT class are incredibly beautiful, and we're great friends. 

Staring, however, does give off a creeper effect. Even if you're behind them, they know when you're staring.

Keep your eyes on your own mat. Stare at random points when doing standing poses (called Dristi, points of focus), instead of the beautiful women all around you. As a man, I will admit it is very difficult. It's something that took a while for me to get past. It's a meditation by itself, fighting the conditioning of having our heads on a swivel every time we see a pretty girl. Fight that. Focus on your breathwork, your alignment, the pose you're in. 

After class, don't hit on anyone! Smile, feel free to talk, but don't be 'that guy'.  Huge difference between a respectful conversation with a fellow Yogi and hitting on her. 
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