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What is Kundalini Yoga?

Posted by Stephanie B.

Kundalini Yoga is quite different from the yoga you might be used to. It involves a lot of chanting, breathing exercises, and repetitive movements. Sometimes a posture is held for a long time while you chant or breathe. For example, you might hold your arms out to the side while you chant or breathe, sometimes for counts up to over 100.

While Kundalini Yoga can be physically demanding, it may not give you the amount of stretching or opening as in other types of yoga. It is more meant to move prana or energy, with a focus on awakening the Kundalini energy that is said to sit at the base of the spine.

Many teachers of Kundalini Yoga call themselves "Sikhs" (although traditional Sikhs disagree with this). This is why they wear white clothes and turbans. The turbans are thought to block the crown from jarring outside energies, especially once the practitioner has reached a higher vibrational state from practicing the Kundalini Yoga exercises.

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Sat nam Stephanie,

 You are correct that Kundalini Yoga's primary intention is to move energy and bring more prana into the body.  It is a phenomenal yoga for healing the nervous system and the lymphatic system because of the breath and the specific movements. 


As there are hundreds and hundreds of sets, a classes can vary from vigorous to meditative. It really depends on the style of teacher.

I would like to correct your statment about the relationship between KY and Sikhs. Teachers do not 'call themselves' Sikhs.  The truth is that some Kundalini Yoga teachers have converted to Sikhisim and have taken it as their religion. They don't 'call themselves' Sikhs - they are Sikhs. They have been baptised as Sikhs in the same way a person would convert to Judaism or become a born-again Christian.

Most Kundalini Yoga teachers (like myself) are not Sikhs. 

The white clothes are the uniform of a Kundalini Yoga teacher and are worn to increase the aura, to look graceful and to discourage KY teachers from being too personal in their fashion choices.  

Yes - we cover our heads to protect the crown chakra and to help lift the energy upward. We are not required to wear a turban - although some do.

Thanks for writing about Kundalini Yoga.

Peace to you.



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