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what are the few important asanas (exercise) which can be done within half-an-hour a few days in a week to keep myself fit?

Posted by RAAGA

i am a busy bee with family plus buzz chores everyday and hard to finding time to asanas. so hoping best guidance from the Yoga community. tks.
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Please bear in mind that you pose an impossible question to answer accurately. The sequencing of postures is a very powerful tool, as are the postures themselves. Furthermore, they do not fit all human beings in the same way so what is important is not the asana but the human being doing them.

That having been said... 

Baddha Konasana 

Surya Namaskar



Adho Mukha Svanasana

Sirasana (Only when properly learned from contact with a teacher)

Sarvangasana (Only when properly learned from contact with a teacher) 

Marichyasana III




Get a hatha yoga book explore a lot of asanas and choose the ones that you liked and you think would benefit you the most, Or find an online guide, or go with Gordon's suggestion.
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