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Welcome to Wiiboy....and a Name Change

Posted Aug 19 2009 1:17pm
Wellas promised Snuggles has started his own bloghe now goes by the name Wiiboy and has just done his first post! He had a little typing help from me to start him off but the words are all his own.

He's delighted with himself. He did his own drawings for the Header and his Profile Picture. If anyone can help me fit the picture to the header I would very much appreciate it and yes I did hit the "fit to shrink" button!! It was much bigger before I hit it believe me! Alsoeven though we've seperate google accounts I can't sign him up as my follower as it keeps reverting to me! If anyone could help with that too that would be good .... God knows I've few enough followers as it is! I meanif my own son can't join up it truly is a sad state of affairs!

I've also finally made a very difficult decision. It's been on my mind for some time now. Sad to say I think it might be time to bade a sad farewell to the name "Snuggles". He will be 10 years old in December you see and he has probably long outgrown the name ..... I know I'm doing the mammy bit and holding on tight to "my baby". He too believes it's time to move on and so that's what I must do.

Let me hereby state that from heretofore the Artist formerly known as Snuggles will nowfrom this date onbe known as Wiiboy. A very Snuggly Wiiboy .... of course!!

Wiiboy's first post is about the movie Aliens in the Attic which we went to see today in Dundrum. It was great. I thought it was really funny and was guffawing away with gusto! I usually do that at kids movies and am usually either the first or the only adult to laugh at the gags! It was good not to be the only adult laughing today! It was hilarious. I thought the actor playing "Ricky" did a great job.... what a fun (but difficult to carry off) role. The little girl was adorable and a great little actor! The theme of the Movie also interested megiven that it tied in with the subject of my previous post! The twin boys nintendo addiction and the older boy's mathematic ability helped to save the world!! Yet another good aspect to screen play addiction then! No surprises there theneh?!

Soif you get a chance please pop over to Wiiboy, to glance at his first post and maybe say "Hi"!!

Thanks! xx Jazzy
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