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We Need More Men in Yoga

Posted by Stephanie B.

OK guys...what gives. Why don't I see more of you on the yoga mat?

Is there some sort of stigma against guys doing yoga? Do you have the mistaken impression that it is a "sissy" sport?

Yoga will not only challenge you physically, it will bring tremendous peace of mind. Furthermore, you men tend to be less flexible and so you really could use some yoga mixed in with your other sports.

Finally, with so many women doing yoga, you are sure to be popular and meet someone if you are single.

So please, guys, start coming to yoga class. We need some of your masculine energy around!

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I think that because yoga is a "yin"-related activity (more introspective, non-competitive, etc.), it automatically tends to draw more women. Also, women are naturally more flexible, which is perhaps why they tend to be more drawn to yoga. I'm not sure exactly where you are but in San Francisco, many of the yoga classes I attend are pretty evenly split between men and women.
Something I learned today that was pretty interesting- Adam Levine, the lead singer of Maroon 5, is a yoga enthusiast. As if we needed another reason to swoon :)
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