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Vytas Baskauskas : 12 Hr. Guided Meditation

Posted Sep 11 2008 5:54pm

Dscn01830001_2 As a teacher, Vytas Baskauskas, has been responsible for not only tuning up my relationship with the HATHA aspect of yoga but also emphasizing the importance of MEDITATION as an integral component of regular practice.

He recently took a Saturday off from teaching in order to participate in a 12 hr. guided meditation session with Chi Gong Master George Falcon. George Falcon is considered one of the "ENLIGHTENED" and a retreat such as this conducted by him is a rare event. Taken as a group activity, guided meditation generates a tremendous amount of energy & focus.

The session was universal in the sense that it involved principles of Buddhism, Taoism, Chi Gong and the chakras. It was broken down into 11 1 hr. meditation sessions with an hour's break for lunch. Every hour started with a chant : " I, I am, I am like spirit , I am not _____ " , which was repeated 20 times. The chant was all about reinforcing the energy ( prana or chi ) behind the body, the self. After the chant, there was 15 min. of anapana seated meditation , then awareness & alignment of the chakras and 45-50 minutes of visualization, which was different for every segment , eg. love, health,success-

At the close of each hour, the group would stand in a circle, left hand receiving from the person to the left, right hand giving to the neighbor on the right.

And as an exercise , Vytas thought that one of the most important concepts was "There is no self." Additionally, coming from the perspective of a yoga teacher, is the realization that when one experiences discomfort or even pain, the physical body "is not me". This would correspond to what are traditionally termed the higher "koshas" or sheaths.

Powerful indeed to step away for a day to experience & learn , and pass on the insight & knowledge to his students.

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