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Use active meditation to make the most of your life

Posted Mar 02 2009 4:24pm

Most of us are well aware of the fact that our life is short and we make the most of it by doing everything that excites us. But even after being aware of this we fail to live our life to the fullest by repressing from indulging in various interesting or exciting activities like sky diving, river rafting, bungee jumping or loosing your virginity for that matter. This is because we are very use to confine ourselves in preconceived notions. What we need to do is liberate your soul which can be done by doing active meditation.


These modern techniques of meditation were introduced by Rajneesh Osho, who was a well known guru of spirituality during his times. These techniques do not make it mandatory for the learner to sit in a stationary position at the time of doing meditation. He or she can indulge in activities such as singing, clapping, dancing, laughing, and humming and so on. You can learn them in group by enrolling for active meditation course offered by their institute known as Oshodhara.


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