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Two Great Yoga Books: Go Online and Get 'Em Free!

Posted Apr 30 2008 7:30pm 1 Comment

I just love those little moments of synchronicity in life -- the ones where you think about and/or desire something and it just shows up. Ask and you shall receive. Just last month I saw a review for an interesting new fiction book by Anne Cushman in Yoga Journal. I made a mental note to pick it up next time I visited the bookstore. Needless to say, I promptly forgot.

Enlightenment_for_idiots I open an email the other day to find that Cushman's book, Enlightenment for Idiots, is being offered online for FREE! Pretty cool, eh? The novel is a funny account of the trials and tribulations of an "ex-nanny yogini wannabe" as she navigates the slippery slope of self-exploration. If you're ready for a few laughs, download it now. You have nothing to lose -- it's free! I'm looking forward to digging in myself.

If a non-fiction yoga book with the free price tag is more your style, I recommend Maran Illustrated Yoga. This guide is full of beautiful pictures and chock-full of great information (and did I mention that it's FREE?!?!?). The book covers Yoga basics, Yoga and breathing, warm-up poses, seated poses, seated forward bends, chair poses, standing poses, standing balancing poses, standing forward bends, table poses, back bends, inversions, reclined poses, relaxation and restorative poses, plus a number of different yoga practices. You can view it online here.

Happy reading!


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I am actively downloading the Anne Cushman book. It sounds like a great read! Just a note, though- the link to Maran Illustrated Yoga is no longer available. Oh well, Borders run! Thanks for the great info!
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