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Treatment for enlarged prostate through yoga

Posted Dec 16 2010 11:33am

Before I go into any detail of, treatment for enlarged prostate through yoga, I want you to understand first-What is prostate?

Now the prostate is a walnut sized gland functions as a helping hand for sex gland. It resides just beside the bladder of male. This prostate gland plays very vital role for male reproductive system. When you think anything related to sex and the very moment your prostate gland is activated and it helps stop urination at the time of physical relationship, but allows semen to flow.

When the prostate enlarges, a huge pressure is being created upon urethra and creates a problem like incomplete urination.


Incomplete urination

Frequent urination

Low urine stream

Pain at the starting of urination


As of now there is no concrete source of enlarged prostate has been found, but

according to yogic science we know that, without storing any impurities in our body we

must not suffer from any chronic disease. So, the main reason according to yoga of this

problem is that, stored impurities in our body.

Some other reasons may create enlarge prostate like, wrong lifestyle, laziness and

unlimited sexual activities. Though these reasons are not the primary one.

Treatment for enlarged prostate through yoga:

Follow these step-by-step yogic remedies to restore your enlarged prostate-

Wake up early in the morning.

Wash your face, brush your teeth, etc.

Now take a glass of warm water with lemon and little salt added into it and drink it.

Now without wasting any time perform Viparitkarani Mudra. First lie on your back with legs and hands are lying straight by the side of your thighs. Now catch hold your hips by the support of your palms and breath in deeply, then slowly lift your legs upwards by raising your hips of the ground with the support of your palms and breath out. Hold this position up to six counts. Now drop your hips legs and return to the starting position and breath normally.

Then perform Shalbhasana. Lie down on your abdomen while your hands will be resting by the side of the respective thighs. Now inhale and lift your legs upwards of the ground and hold in this position up to six seconds and then drop your legs on the ground slowly and breath out.

Then perform Padahastasana. Stand up erect and raise both your hands up above your head by the side of your ears and form Namaskara Mudra by closing your palms. In this position your heels should be touching each other. Now bend forward and place your head between your knees and place your palms by the side of your feet on the ground. Hold this position up to eight counts.

Perform these three yoga postures four times each and you will feel some pressure in your stomach and urgency to release yourself.

Then prepare yourself for a tub bath. Now sit in the tub and perform Agnisara Dhauti. Now draw the air in and squeeze your lower abdomen and navel area and try to touch your spine and then slowly release the squeezing and breath out. Practice this at least 20 times.

Now you are going to perform some Pranayama, these are advised to be performed by them who are suffering from enlarged prostate.

First Pranayama: Sit in any meditative posture and inhale deeply up to your diaphragm and then slowly exhale uninterruptedly through your mouth, again feel your diaphragm with air through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Practice this for two minutes.

Second Pranayama: Sit on the ground and draw the air in through your nose with full force and sound and then slowly, but with sound exhale through your nose. At the time of exhaling you should put your chin against your chest. At the time of inhalation slowly raise your head. Practice this for two minutes.

Third Pranayama: Sit on the ground in any meditative posture. Now place your left palm on your left knee in Dhyana Mudra and with your right thumb close the right nostril and breath in deeply through the left nostril, then without any interval close your left nostril with your right middle finger and breath out through the right nostril. Practice this for two minutes.

In the evening you will perform two postures and the above three pranayamas.

First evening posture you will perform is Janushirasana. First sit on the ground with your legs stretched forward, then draw the air in and bend your left leg and place its heel at the perineum area. Now exhale slowly and bend down forward toward the right knee and place your head on the right knee. Make sure the right knee should not be of the ground. Now catch hold of your right sole with both hands by bending your hands in the elbow. Hold this position for five seconds. Do this for three times.

S econd evening posture is Shashakasana. First sit in the Vajrasana pose, then inhale and raise your hands by the side of your ears above the head and form Namaskara Mudra by closing your palms. Now bend down in the waist while your buttocks will be placed upon the instep of your feet and raise your hands further forwards and keep on the ground. Hold this position for 10 seconds and return to the starting position by exhaling. Practice this for two minutes.

Then perform the Pranayamas detailed above.

Tips: Avoid Tea, coffee, smoking and drinking.

Eat lots of tomatoes helps you restore your prostate fast.

Try to fast once in every 15 days.

Drink lots of waters.

Hope this helps you reduce your enlarged prostate through yoga.

Remember that, doctors advise you to take modern day medicines or sometime operation, but the patients do not get fully recovered from this. So, my suggestion would be to you to adopt the treatment of yoga for enlarged prostate. This is the only natural way to fight this disease. Do not waste your time by thinking, but take action right now.


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