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Tips for Yoga

Posted by Swati S.

Yoga is a great exercise as it helps the mind and the body. But is should be done right to derive maximum benefit. Here are a few pointers while doing yoga.

1. The best time to do yoga is usually just after waking up, before having breakfast. If that doesn't suit you, then early evening is also a good time. However, you don't need to be too rigid. It's better to do it at some other time that suits you rather than not at all.

2. The best place to do yoga in is a fresh, open area. It should be soothing and calm, allowing you to concentrate.

3. Don't do yoga within two or three hours of having eaten.

4. Don't do it in harsh sunlight or in extreme cold.

5. If you any disabilities or medical condition, then check with your doctor before beginning your exercises.

6. Finally, yoga is meant to relieve stress in your body. If a posture is becoming too difficult and you have to strain too hard, don't do it.

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I wrote the above statement while holding my 5 month old and appologize for the spelling and grammer errors. I meant to say that I bought a gazeebo and placed stepping stones that led to it as a place to practice yoga :)
I bout a less expensive gazeebo and placed steeping stones to it from my deck. Although I don't go out there when it is summer time beacsue of the extreme heat in the East Bay Area during these months, I find that a simple thing like a gazeebo can creat an amazing place to practice yoga. Even creating a square shape by plaing plants in key area and or especially if you have a fountain, it can make an amazing yoga place. All of these ideas can be done with relatively little money if you buy them at yard sales or even make them yourself with fabric and pvc pipe that is decorated. Ask neighbors for plant cuttings and it own't cost a thing!
Actually, when yoga was practiced by ancient Indian gurus, they all stayed in the mountains - for peace and tranquillity. And it followed that they did yoga outside. In any case, yoga is meant to be done outdoors, to get maximum benefit.
My dream yoga session is outside, although I have to admit I rarely practice out of doors because I don't have a good place to do it. If you have the opportunity to take a class outside, or just have a good space to do a personal session, it is well worth it! All that fresh air will seep into you and refresh you even more!
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